Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pinterest Picks - Halloween

We have just a little over 3 months now until Halloween and since Leigh is home this year we have decided to have our first ever adult Halloween party! I started having Halloween parties for Leigh and her friends when she was in first grade and every year after that all the way through Junior High. 

Needless to say, I'm kind of excited about having an excuse to continue the tradition and go all out for Halloween this year!  I thought I would share some pictures of our decorations over the last couple of years and then I'll show you the pins that I'm thinking about for this year.

Here's some pictures of our decorations - 

These are my Ghost Kiddies and are super easy to make with dowels, toddler jeans & socks, styrofoam balls and white fabric (I used a cheap sheet from Walmart) black fabric scraps and ribbon., Crafty In Crosby

Martha Stewart Witch Cling above the entry way -, Crafty In Crosby

Tablescape on my Singer sewing machine -, Crafty In Crosby

Martha Stewart Mice on the stairs -, Crafty In Crosby, Crafty In Crosby

Halloween Banner (definitely have to do better with the mantel this year!), Crafty In Crosby

Jim Shore Witch - a birthday gift from the Hubby, Crafty In Crosby

Plant Shelf above the TV niche - look close and you will be able to see that I left the plastic on the mini hay bales.  You can't really see it from down stairs and I've been using these for 4 years now! Yes, it is true, I'm El Cheapo!, Crafty In Crosby

And the Halloween Bear (made by Brenda wearing 
Leigh's first Halloween costume and sitting in Tim's baby rocking chair!), Crafty In Crosby

This is a wreath that I made last year for Leigh (see it under our Crafts tab).

Ok, so I haven't quite hit overboard yet, but as you can tell it is 
one of my favorite times of year to decorate!

Now on to the real reason you are here -

 My Halloween Pinterest Picks!!!

I'm going to make a whole basket of these thanks to Skip to My Lou - she even provides a downloadable template for the bat pattern.

Noreen Doll at Craftlinky has the perfect thing for my mantel - A Halloween Topiary made out of a tin can, spray paint, styrofoam ball, wood dowel, newspaper, a bit of ribbon and plastic spiders!  I can see at least 2  on the mantel this year.

Thrifty Decor Chick has a great idea for my entry way mirror - 

And I'm absolutely torn on this one - which one should I 
pick for the powder room?

Freddy Krueger?

Or this cute little Monster?

And I absolutely  have to have this adorable little owl for front porch!

I think I will make these with a thank you tag on them for everyone 
that attends - design courtesy of  Christy Robbins

And to take care of all the Sparkly Vampires we will have to have this - 

I can't find the original post of this but I'm thinking I might be able to make the sign out of foam board and use contractor stakes for the bottom part?

I'm thinking that the bat cave cutouts by Martha Stewart would look great in the dining room - 

And I will use these candles by BH&G as a centerpiece 
on the dining room table - 

Surrounded by lots of spider candles by Good Housekeeping- 

There are just so many cool Halloween ideas on Pinterest!  

So am I crazy to be thinking about this now? Hobby Lobby has already started loading up the store with Fall items, so I don't think I'm too crazy?  Am I?

Do you have any great ideas for Halloween?  I'd love to hear about them and leave a link so that I can check them out - 'cause I'm a PINNING FOOL!

Happy Halloween!


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Timmy the Turtle

This has been a rough week for our Timmy the Turtle - aka the Hubby/Leigh's Dad - Tim.  He had surgery on Tuesday in what we were told should be about a 3 hour surgery - it ended up taking almost 7 due to complications.  But the good news is that he should be released on Saturday if all his labs come back okay.

So here's a little story about him and how he got his nickname "Timmy the Turtle" (you all know he's going to kill me for this - right?)  In elementary school, back before the internet (yes children, there was a time when computers didn't rule our world), in the 60's when he was in elementary school in Snyder, Texas, he won a contest and was awarded the iconic children's book "Tubby the Turtle" by his teacher.

Of course, if that book were written today, the world would be up in arms about the title, but back in the 60's we were a little more thick skinned. Most of us raised in the 60's probably remember this book.

Here's a note from his teacher and I think that he wrote in the part that says "For Winning the Vowel Contest".  Isn't that sweet? I would ask him but right now he is sleeping in his hospital bed and trying to wake up the entire floor with his snoring.  Love you Babe!

Anyway, his Mother, being the sweet loving Mom that she was, decided that
 "Tubby the Turtle" was a little mean spirited and decided that he would henceforth 
be known as "Timmy the Turtle".  

(Ok, I made that part up and Brenda will laugh when she reads this because she is anything but sweet and prides herself on being a Witch
 - and you know I say that with love!)

Truth is, she already called him Timmy and it really stuck around after he got this little book (that he still has) and fell in love with turtles. He has a whole little collection of turtles in his office and a cute little stuffed one in his nightstand.

So here's to you Babe and your love of Turtles!  I made this little post it up using Picmonkey (I'm seriously going to have to start asking them for a little kick back for all the times I promote their product!).

I found the awesome turtle graphic on Free Vintage Digital Stamps

And here are a few of my favorite Turtle pins - 

I know this it technically a tortoise, but it is almost the same thing? 
Isn't it?  I don't have the time (really the inclination to Google it right now).

Doesn't every Turtle need a crocheted Turtle Cozy? Of course they do!

I wanna play in the rain, please Mom!

And my absolute favorite - Ninja Turtle!

Every time I see a turtle I think of my sweet husband and they always make me smile - Turtles and Tim!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are able to spend it with those you love!


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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We were Spotlighted!

Woohoo!  We received the Newbie Spotlight from Gina at Random Thoughts of an Incoherent Mind

I just love the name of her blog - most days this is exactly how I feel - totally incoherent.  Certainly fits today as I'm spending it at the hospital with the Hubby.  He had surgery yesterday that took much longer than expected, but the good news is that he is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery - thank the Good Lord!

Thanks again to Gina for the award and Debbie of Debbiedoo's for hosting the Newbie Link Party!

We are so honored!  Woohoo!

(We say Woohoo a lot! But what the heck, Woohoo!)

Happy Dance!


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

10,000 Pageviews!

I borrowed this from Diary of a Wandering Eye because I am so excited!

We've hit 10,000 pageviews! 

Thank you guys so much for following us! You rock my socks off!


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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kitchen Word Art Freebie

Today I was at the Hallmark store and saw a cute sign with this saying on it - 

"Many people have eaten in this kitchen and gone on to
live healthy normal lives"

Well needless to say, that fits me to a tee!  But of course I'm too much of a penny pincher, thrifty, frugal, ok, just too plain cheap to buy it when I can make it.  So with the help of Picmonkey and The Graphics Fairy I put this one together., Crafty In Crosby

I printed mine as a 4x6 and stuck it in a dollar store frame.  The hubby/Leigh's Dad, came home tonight and chuckled when he saw it - "Very appropriate" he said.  

Everyone knows I'm not known for my cooking skills!

Here it is to download -, Crafty In Crosby, Retro Kitchen Word Art

In case you haven't noticed yet - I LOVE PICMONKEY!  I've had so much fun with it and have probably talked as much about it as I have about Pinterest.  I lead a very exciting life - LOL!

Hope you can find a spot for my little word art project in your kitchen!  Let me know if you do.


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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinterest Picks

Ok, time for another round of Pinterest Picks !  I actually think this is a cult that we lure other women in to!  How many have you converted?

Here are a few of my favorites - 

Leigh pinned this one for me!!!  And the answer is way too many!

I love this piece by Ruth Davis - 

And aren't these just the cutest Owls - by Caroline Johansson

Check out this great tutorial on how to make Number Pinatas by Jordan at Oh Happy Day  These would be great photo props for a birthday or anniversary celebration.

Saved by Love Creations has a great collection of things to make with cereal boxes.

What an awesome idea for a cute inexpensive birthday gift by Puerta Bella at Poca Cosa (my flippin' fifty is coming up this year - so I'm really liking this one!)

Halloween will be here before we know it and wouldn't the goblins love these Witches Brooms by Kirsty at 365 Days Of Pinterest Creations ?

And finally - Up Syndrome !  That's what I like to call it.

So let's have a contest to see how many conversions we can create this week!!

TGIF!!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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