Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dry Erase Memo Board

This is another Pinterest Inspired craft that I made for Leigh for Christmas- Pinterest Pin from Blue Cricket Design Blog.

This a dollar store 5 x 7 frame with a piece of notebook paper inside it decorated with fabric flowers - again from a Pinterest tutorial Fabric Flower Tutorial  with beads sewn in the middle.  These are super easy to make - basically just a torn strip of fabric that you twist and glue every 1/2 inch or so with the tail glued behind them.  I didn't make them all nice and neat like the tutorial shows since the back didn't show.  The beads are just sewn onto the flowers.  I also glued fabric loop on the right side to hold the dry erase marker.  

You could hang this on the wall or set it on a tabletop, but I glued magnets on it to use it on the fridge.

Use it for your favorite quote or a "Honey Do List".

December 2012

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  1. You'll have to excuse the blue ink at the bottom of the paper. My kitty broke a wine glass and the water splashed all over it and got the paper underneath wet! Silly kitties.


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