Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

So if you are like me and have stock cabinets, you don't have anywhere to store your cookie sheets and large baking pans in an upright position.  It was such a pain to have them all stacked on top of one another until I just couldn't stand it anymore.

I had seen custom cabinets with a section for storing these large pans and had a brainstorm about how to make my stock cabinet work for storing my cookie sheets.

My base cabinets have a 10" shelf running along the back and these shelves are just made out of particle board and always end up sagging in the middle.  So I asked my wonderful hubby to cut off a section that was equal to the height of the shelf and make a custom storage area for my baking pans

He used a jig saw to cut the shelf while it was still in the cabinet, then used an L bracket to brace it on the bottom and nailed it in to place.

Easy Cabinet Update

It's not the most attractive bit of carpentry but it makes a wonderful place to store large pans.

Here it is with a few pans in it. The shelf leg keeps the pans from sliding down when I lay them on their side.

And here it is fully loaded.

(Notice how I turned the cookie sheets around so you couldn't see how grungy they are?)

Here it is all loaded with the shelf liner in it.  I let the liner on the top shelf hang down over the side to cover up the raw edge.

It worked out so well that Tim did the same thing for my Mom and she loves it too! 


  1. What a great idea! I might have my husband do the same thing... Does anyone know why they only have a 10" shelf in stock cabinets? They are pretty useless and leave a lot of unused storage space! Ugh!!!

  2. Not only useless, they always, and I mean always start to sag in the middle!!! I can tell you that it is a great way to store your cookie sheets. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My cabinets need a re-do also. That little shelf way back there is difficult to get to and everything is stacked. One day

    1. Someday my husband will win the lottery and I will have customer cabinets!! LOL! Until then, I make do with my stock ones. This little change made a big difference to my aggravation level. At least now I don't have to pull out an entire stack just to get to the pan I need.


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