Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family Scrapbook

One of my favorite scrapbook projects - BoBunny Family chipboard album - which is unfortunately discontinued now. 

It started out like this - 

And ended up like this - 

I traced the letters onto scrapbook paper, cut them out and then adhered them to the chipboard with spray adhesive

The F page has a picture of me and the hubby - sorry for the flashback - I need to take a course.  

The A page has pictures of our son Ty on it.  He's wearing his Grandpa's blazer on the left hand side and showing off his "Elephant Ears" on the right hand.

The M Page has a picture of the kids and me at Christmas in our "Christmas Story" T-shirts. 

 "Christmas Story" was my Dad's favorite holiday movie and we wear these every year in his honor. 

The right side has a  picture of the 4 of us at the Coke museum in Atlanta back in '05 or '06.  

The I page has a picture of my little angel Leigh on the left.  She was about 6 at the time. 

The angel wings were printed onto card stock and then I cut slits on the photo and slipped them in.  

Wasn't she a darling?

The right hand side of that same page has her prom picture on it with the quote

"Music is well said to be the speech of Angels"

 This was very appropriate as she was in choir all 4 years in High School and majored in voice for the first 3 (ok maybe 4) years of college.

The L page has a picture of Tim's parents and the kids on the left
 (sorry Brenda - the flashback covered you up!)

On the right hand side is a picture of Brenda and Tommy at her retirement party.

That is my Mom and Dad - Leroy and Karen Mitchell on the Y page.  
We lost Dad in 2004 and he will live forever in our hearts.

The last page has pictures of my Mom and the kids and one of her and Leigh.

"God's most precious work of art is the warmth and love in a Grandmother's heart"

My Family - the most precious things in my life.



  1. Wow love the scrapbook. I scrapbook but nothing like that.

    1. Thanks so much Carla. I really enjoy making small scrapbooks like this. I seem to get bogged down when I'm making 12 x 12 pages - just seems like there are too many blank pages in the book and I get discouraged. With the smaller ones like this you can complete the whole thing in a matter of a few days.

      Thanks for stopping in and following us!

  2. HI there! Thanks for coming by Our Pumpkin and Sweet Pea! I LOVE this family album! Scrapbooking is my all time favorite hobby. You did a great job. :-)

  3. Thanks Sarah - this is one of my favorite albums - about my favorite subject. Love your blog!


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