Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Instagrams

Let me apologize in advance for my newest addiction - besides blogging and Pinterest that is!  
I just love Instagram and I can, for the first time ever take really great pictures!  Well, at least they are good!

I got home early tonight for the first time this week and went for a bike ride with Ty.  
Afterwards we watered the plants in the backyard and I took MORE pictures.

Our Schnoodle Annie - she is such a sweetie!

This was Tim's birthday present last year from his parents.

Pictures of our side yard and Ty's elephant ears.  He first planted these in Atlanta and we brought them back to Texas with us.  He's very proud of them and always shows them off to visitors.

Aloe Vera

Another picture of my favorite owl.

A really cool shot of the picnic table umbrella.

Lizzie and Annie say "Goodnight" !

Don't know about you, but TGIF!!! Finally!


  1. I love that Turtle planter. That's cute. Great photos. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Carla! I feel like I can really take good pictures now with my Iphone and Instagram.


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