Saturday, May 26, 2012

Painting With A Twist

Wow! What a fun night!  My friend Marty invited me to a Painting With a Twist party in Friendswood.  We had a blast and came away with a fully painted canvas that we painted 100% by ourselves.  You can even bring your own snacks and drinks.  The instructor gives you step by step directions and it couldn't be easier. They may not be Masterpieces but I will treasure mine as if it were!

The big 50 is coming up for me in November and I'm having a Girls Night Out there for sure!!

This is the original that we followed.

The canvas came with a penciled grid so you would know where to place the elements.

Sky and Water

Background is done

Painting with a Twist
 Almost done....

I'm so proud of Marty.  She is know as a bit of an obsessive detail kind of gal
 (love ya girl - you know it's true!) but she finished on time and didn't even use a ruler!!! LOL!  

Although she did use a napkin as a straight edge.

Painting with a Twist
The finished Masterpiece

Clear Creek High School StaffStaff members of Clear Creek High School - with their Masterpieces

Marty and I

Marty, Me and Stevie (Marty's Daughter)

PicMonkey Collage

For those of you who love PicMonkey, the new collage option is available!  So easy to use too.  I made this one, saved it to my computer, opened it in PicMonkey and added the text.  I LOVE PicMonkey!

What a Fantastic evening with my BFF!


  1. Great job! Your painting looks really great to me.

    1. Carla - I think they have one of these in Cypress. You should go if you ever get a chance. Lots of fun!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You all look like you had a great time. A great painting to hang on your wall.


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