Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bathroom Soap Dispenser

I have been looking for soap dispensers for our master bathroom for quite some time. The only ones I could find that I halfway liked were almost $30 a piece and I need 2!!!  Way to rich for my blood - especially when you know that they are likely to get broken or the pump will break.

Just last week I found these plain white ceramic ones at Walmart for just $1.88 each - JACKPOT!

Bathroom Soap Dispenser

I added a brown vinyl letters and a flourish that I cut out on the Cricut and now I have spiffy custom dispensers for our double sinks.

Bathroom Soap Dispenser

Crafty and Cheap! Two of my favorite things!

Bathroom Soap Dispenser Update

Just learned how to make a collage in Picmonkey from Craftionary - How to make a collage in Picmonkey so I was able to collage my before and after pictures together!


  1. that looks great!!! I can't believe how cheap they were... I'll have to check out wal mart for stuff like that!

    1. Thanks Jamie. For $1.88 I think they are Fabulous! Thanks for stopping by!


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