Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Iphone Pictures

TGIF!!!  Don't know about you, but it has been a long week for me!  Out in the yard again tonight (have to enjoy it while I can - in another month it will be to darn hot!) and took more random pictures!

This is a fairy rose that a friend gave to me in the early 90's.  He had rooted a small piece and brought it to me in a dixie cup.  The bush moved from Spring, Texas to Powder Springs, GA and back to Crosby Texas since then and it is over 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide and is just covered in multi ruffled pink roses.  I'm trying to root a piece now to have another bush.

We can only have deer resistant plants in the front yard - therefore we have lantana!  It grows like crazy and can really take the heat.

God Bless Texas! Have a great weekend Y'all!


  1. I love that fairy rose. All those petals. So pretty.
    I had to send a picture of your flower pot to my husband. We have 2 empty pots on the patio that we can't decide what to put in them.
    They sat by the pool at the old house with hibicus but they didn't survive the move.

  2. All my flowers look great right now, but the way the weather is going they will all be dead by the end of June! I do love my fairy rose. It just grows like crazy.

  3. Those roses are gorgeous!! And I can relate. I live in McKinney and the heat will be stifling us before we know it. But hasn't this week been glorious?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog Our Adventures in Big Ole Texas.
    I am following yours now :)

    1. Thanks Patty! I do love my roses. Yes this week has been beautiful. It was in the low 60's this morning and I really wanted to play hooky and sit out on my patio. Thanks for following us!

  4. Your plants are so pretty! Lantana is about the only thing that stays alive in my yard! I love your Rednck glasses! Very crafty!!!
    xoxo Paula

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Paula! I too have lots of Lantana! Between the deer and the heat that is the only thing I can keep alive around my mailbox. Thanks for dropping by!


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