Thursday, May 24, 2012

Owl Planter

My obsession over the past couple of years
has been all things Owls !

Hey at least I've not reverted back to the 90's
 and my cow obsession!! Really, what was I thinking?

Came home from work tonight and my sweet husband had the cutest owl planter for me.  He bought it at the grocery store, believe it or not and I just love it.

Now I have to find a pot that will fit in the top of  it 
and a cool plant to go in it.

Crafty In Crosby

Tim Sumruld
That's my sweet husband!

Not only did he bring me a present he grilled salmon and veggies for me.  I made pico de gallo  with tomatillos  to go along with it.  I love using tomatillos - they give the pico a citrusy flavor and add crunch to it.

YUM! And even healthy too!

Crafty In Crosby

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