Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Making Christmas Memorable for all the Kids

As my children and Niece and Nephew have grown over the years, I have struggled with ways to make their Christmas memorable and fun. Even though they are grown, and my Niece and Nephew have kids, I still want to make Christmas magical for them. As everyone knows in our family "If you don't believe you get underwear!" so they all still believe in the magic of Christmas.

I was recently contacted by Lilian Vernon to review one of their products and fell in love with their adorable Christmas Owl Felt Treat Bags. I just knew that they would be the perfect little gift holder for the grown and not so grown children.

Lillian Vernon, treat holders, Christmas Treat Bags, Christmas Owls

Once I get our tree up this Friday, I'm going to hang these on it for all the kids to have on Christmas Eve. I think it will be something we can make part of our Christmas tradition for years to come.

They are the perfect size to fill with everyone's favorite candies and a special little toy or treat. Maybe nail polish for the grown up girls along with a gift certificate for a mani-pedi and hardware store gift cards for the grown up boys. Hey, who wouldn't love a Lowes, Home Depot or Ace Hardware card? I know I would!

Lillian Vernon, treat holders, Christmas Treat Bags, Christmas Owls

The colors are so bright and cheerful and as you can tell, owls are some of our favorite things out at Crafty In Crosby.

Lillian Vernon, treat holders, Christmas Treat Bags, Christmas Owls

Can you believe that these adorable little bags are only $5.99 for a set of six? I love them so much that I've ordered another set to use for the girls at the office. I'm doing my best this year to order as many products as possible online. Who wants to fight the crowds - they just stress me out, so this year I'm staying home and letting my fingers do the walking!

I'll post pictures on Friday with the bags hanging on the tree - I just know they are going to be a hit with the kiddos this Christmas and for many more to come!


DISCLOSURE: Lillian Vernon provided these Felt Owl Treat Bags to Crafty In Crosby in return for a review of their product.

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