Sunday, November 15, 2015

Easy Under Cabinet Lighting and a Secret On/Off Switch

My birthday was earlier this month and my sweet Hubby got something for me that I have always wanted - Under Cabinet Lighting!! I can't tell you how excited I was and how much I love them. They were so easy to install and make our kitchen look amazing!

Just a note that this is not a sponsored post, but hey Lowe's, we would love to be sponsored! LOL!

Here's a photo with the lights on - What do you think?

Lowe's, kitchen lighting, kitchen diy
 Here's the same view without lights - big difference isn't there?

These photos were taken during the day but at night the light looks so lovely and makes our kitchen look like a million bucks!

Here are a couple more shots - 

The lights that we installed are LED Light Bars from Lowes and they come in three sizes. While they aren't cheap, they should last forever or 36,000 hours - whichever comes first! They also have a built in dimmer so you can easily bring the light up or down.

Click on the photo below to go to the Lowe's website - 

Here's what they look like from below - 

We were able to easily install them by drilling a hole in the corner of the cabinet and another into the microwave cabinet. The cords disconnect from the units so you can feed the small end through the holes back down to the lights. Command adhesive hooks help keep the cord secured so that they don't show below the cabinet.

The units also link together which is perfect for the right side of our stove as there are two separate cabinets there. We used more Command hooks to keep the cords out of sight.

It's no secret in our family, that I'm kind of a light-a-holic and not only that but I'm extremely lazy when it comes to turning all the lights on and off. I know there are fancy systems out there that turn your lights off and on, but they are very pricey and I'm the Queen of Cheap! 

So here's what we use to turn our lights off and on - 

These are available in the Christmas Shop at Wal-Mart now and they are amazing! You get 3 plugs and one remote control in the package. We used two plugs for this project and the third is going to be used for my Christmas Village on the bar in the kitchen. You can't beat the price on these and they last for years! I have one in the living room that operates all the lamps and another in the craft room upstairs.

One of the wireless outlets was plugged into the electrical outlet that the microwave plugs into and the other was plugged in behind the fridge. We also used a three outlet plug into the wireless outlet for the microwave cabinet. That allowed us to plug the right and left units into the same wireless outlet. 

Here's a photo of the 3 outlet plug - you can get these at Lowe's too for about $4 - 

Here's an up close  photo of the remote - 

It's small and hangs on the side of our fridge - 

Hanging it on the fridge is the only way to keep it from being lost in our kitchen and another command hook works perfectly.

This is one of the best birthday presents ever and we were able to do it all ourselves! Such a great feeling to be able to accomplish a project like this without having to pay someone else to do it for you!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and here's to a wonderful week ahead! Can't believe we only have another week and half until Thanksgiving! 

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  1. Love under the cabinet lighting. Haven't added them to my cabinets in our current home but we did at my previous. Besides being helpful they add a nice touch.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. What a thoughtful gift! I love our under cabinet lighting and agree with you that it casts such an amazing glow on the entire kitchen ... Especially at night. Enjoy!!!

  3. Super Duper cool!! Thanks so much for sharing. Custom Pantry work going on and I think I will add this to project.

  4. Light is an element of design which should be used not only for visual comfort, but also to achieve predetermined emotional responses from the lighted environment. desk lamps


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