Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mixed Media Wall Art

Another gift for Leigh - isn't she a lucky girl to have a Mom that makes her cool stuff?

I covered each 11 x 14 canvas with pages torn out of a Readers Digest Condensed book and strips of music and other text.  I used pages from "Riding the Bus with my Sister" by Rachel Simon.  This is a great story about a woman and her relationship with her handicapable sister.  This has special meaning for us as Leigh's brother, Ty, is also handicapped.  

After I covered the canvas I used various colors of acrylic paint on each one.  Before I painted each one I covered titles one each page with painters tape so that they would be highlighted.  The one with angel wings is "The Dreamer", the one with the clock is "The Optimist" and the one with the bird is "The Journey". 

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