Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Craft Room

I thought I would share pictures of my craft room.  It is my favorite room in our house and I painted and decorated it just for me.  All of the white cubes and organizers came from Michaels.  The computer station is my old white kitchen table.  I hot glued fabric underneath to hide all the important stuff  I have stashed there.  My Father-in-law provided the file cabinets and I hit them with a coat of white spray paint. The oak work table is a handmade drafting table that my Mom picked up for $4 at CUIC.  It is the perfect height for me to stand while I craft.

My Mother-In-Law made the owls for me.  I emailed her a link from a  Pin on Pinterest  and she gave them to me for Christmas.

Another Owl and the canvas that Leigh made for me for Christmas.


  1. Love your craft room. I'm a new follower via Sew Many Ways-Sew Darn Crafty party. Wanna drive out to Tomball a fix up my room. LOL Thanks for sharing yours

  2. Believe it or not, I actually work in Cypress and drive up 249 almost every day! I know, completely crazy, but I love my job and I love living out in Crosby. My Mom and In-Laws all live in the same subdivision with us and it is like living in the country.

    Glad you liked my craft room. I decorated it just for me - as you can tell by the color! It's great to be able to leave a project when you are in the middle of it and not have to worry about cleaning up at the end of the night.

    My husband ventured up there a couple of weeks ago and asked me how much money I had invested in supplies and I said that he probably didn't want to know! LOL!


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